Slot circuit classification


Real or imaginary DTM, GT and F1 racing circuits, where the customer can choose a classic or modern decoration, as well as the number of lanes. From tracks with exit grilles, pianos, boxes, control towers or grandstands to fences, scenography and any element that the client proposes.


Full raid circuits with dirt tracks, obstacles, climbs, descents, bridges and scenery based on desert or rocky areas. Tracks of two lanes or more depending of client’s preferences, all the options built for cars and trucks.


Circuits usually set in mountain areas. Tracks with details of the road lines, asphalt in good or bad conditions, sections of land, urban areas, vegetation, guardrails, traffic signs, tents. Based on real or imaginary sections, with one or two lanes.


Compact or complete circuits, representing a parking area or a full racing place. With all the details and layout according to the client’s instructions.


We can build circuits of any kind of those described above, with the same decoration elements adapted for small scale RC vehicles. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

Layout classification


The layout is one of the key factors to take into account in the process of designing a circuit. More convoluted paths, with dangerous curves and endless lines, put the hair on end to the participants of a race.
Other factors as the available room, the grip, the road defects or obstacles are also defined in the starting phase of a project.

Real layouts

For those who prefer replicas of the most famous circuits in the world, RSS Raceways offers the possibility of scaling the real layout to convert it to a slot with some measures according to the available space or to real scale.
Also, if you wish, we can include the same elements as the real circuit.


Completed projects


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Decorated buildings

Clients we work for

Personal use

Everyone can own a slot circuit to enjoy with family or friends. The quality of the RSS Raceways and the innumerable decoration possibilities that we offer will make you enjoy each race as if it were the first.

Clubs and associations

The circuits and dioramas for groups and associations are usually used for the celebration of cups, championships and events among members and guests. The dimensions of the circuit are usually greater than other cases given the greater number of participants. Depending on the available space, RSS Raceways adapts the solutions to the needs of each case.

Lift platform or rooftop

A slot racing circuit becomes a main attraction when it comes to sharing good times with employees and colleagues as well as receiving visitors. Add advertising accessories with your brand and enjoy a scale circuit prepared by a company with more than 20 years of experience in modeling. All the projects we carry out are tailored to suit the needs of both your company and the space available within it.

Integration and spacing


Desktop circuits are the most widespread in homes of individuals, clubs, events or companies. Tracks and decoration are presented on an auxiliary structure that adapts according to the dimensions of each circuit.


The slot circuits can be designed to be easily transported. Among the most used solutions are the modular circuits, where the total of the route is divided into different parts that must be assembled before the start of the race. On the other hand we find the integrated circuits in suitcase. This variety allows the user a faster installation and disassembly of the installation, as well as the convenience of being able to be stored in a small space.
In RSS Raceways we work both modalities. Our extensive experience in the world of modeling will allow us to advise you on the selection and design of the circuit.

Lift platform or rooftop

Drawbridge circuits are the ideal solution for homes, businesses or events where space is limited. This type of circuit is based on the use of a platform driven by a motor with pulleys. The users will lower or raise the platform when they want to start playing or have finished doing it. In order to install a draw circuit in your home, company or space in general, it is necessary to have a structure strong enough to support the weight of the circuit platform, decoration, etc.

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