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Enjoy every race as the first one.

Slot circuits

Exclusive and tailor-made works in which we take care of even the smallest detail.

Realistic scenarios

Slot circuits designed and manufactured by RSS Raceways are considered art pieces for our customers.

Custom layouts

Slot circuits with scaled real layouts or invented ones, we will work to get the best final result.

Circuit kind

Know more about the different kinds of slot racing circuits and choose yours.

Layout design

We can make anything you can imagine, are you ready to take the next step?

Our clients

From personal use to clubs and associations, rooftop platforms...


Where are you goint to place your circuit? A very important decission.

About Us

RSS Raceways is the brand of design and creation of completely handmade scaled circuits and dioramas. With more than 20 years of experience, we work with all types of vehicles, from racing cars to trucks and much more.

Scale scenarios can be set in a great variety of times. Are you a vintage lover? Or you prefer modern style? In any way, RSS Raceways is your site!

Vicent Pérez

CEO & Founder of RSS Raceways

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Most of our work has been done and is done with the analog system. In the case of preferring a digital system for your customized circuit, you can consult us through the different available methods.

These circuits are designed so that children, young people and adults can enjoy them, regardless of age or sex. The supervision of an adult is recommended for children under 6 years of age.

Although one of the strongest points of RSS Raceways is the hyperrealistic decoration of our work, if you are interested in a circuit, but only want the layout, you can check the conditions through our email.

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Happy clients


Decorated buildings

Why Choose Us

  • Trusted professionals

    Let us help you in your project and you will not regret having chosen us.

  • Work quality

    Our slot racing circuits are the result of years of experience in modeling world.

  • Market reference

    After many circuits and decorations completed, our work is a reference in its area.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Daniel brown

They arrived to fulfill my dream, to have a circuit in my house to enjoy with my friends and family. A spectacular job, broke my expectations.

Eric Müller
Scale model shop

I wanted to decorate my place with something special and now it is the biggest attraction of my store. Thanks RSS Raceways!

Rodrigo Astorga
Client ES

After asking for a small diorama, I set out to acquire a circuit for my garage. I think that this was one of the best decissions I’ve ever done.

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