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To start a project, first of all, we studied the space where the circuit will be located, the measurements of this and the access for the assembly. We also specify with the client the layout, the decoration to be made, the theme and the time it is based. Once all the details of the project are clear, we proceed to design it. At all times we keep the client informed of the entire construction process. The estimated time of completion of the project, will depend on the size and decoration of this.

The price will always depend on the project to be made, both for the size, complexity and scenic elements to be used. We do not have fixed prices, since each job is personalized by and for the client. To start the project, it will require the payment of 40% of the total value and the rest, will be adapted into convenient monthly payments, which will be agreed together with the design of the circuit. The rest, will be paid at the end of this and delivery to the client.

We take care of transportation, assembly and set-up so you only have to place the cars and enjoy. Depending on where the delivery of the circuit has to be made and the size of the circuit, the price for transportation and overnight stay will be increased, if necessary.

Depending on the available space, it is likely that with some photographs and general dimensions it is enough. For projects that require more precision in the measurements, there will be both the possibility of being the customer that provides these measures and that it is RSS Raceways who performs the measurement. This last option may require displacement, which will be budgeted separately.

In general, the most widespread scale in the slot world and with which we have worked the most in RSS Raceways is 1/32. The most common tracks are composed of 2 lanes, but there will always be the possibility of carrying out projects from both a single lane and more than two lanes (3, 4, 6 or even 8).

We can create any type of layout, the one that we or you imagine or make a scale replica of any real circuit that you like. Within the planning of the project, the constructive details of the circuit, the layout and the desired level of detail will be included. The slot circuits can be divided into several parts: layout, decoration and electronics. The route is defined by the line followed by the cars along the entire route while the decoration is all the auxiliary elements that allow a better and greater realism of the circuit. Inside the electronic part would be the controls and transformer with power regulator, although other components can also be included, such as the stopwatch, stop and go, racing manager or tablet. In RSS Raceways we give you the possibility to include these supplements while maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty. In case you stop working or your circuit will not work, we recommend contacting us as soon as possible. If you need a modification, maintenance or total repair of your RSS, we will provide you with a customized quote for this service.

These circuits are designed so that children, young people and adults can enjoy them, regardless of age or sex. The supervision of an adult is recommended for children under 6 years of age.

Although one of the strongest points of RSS Raceways is the hyperrealistic decoration of our work, if you are interested in a circuit, but only want the layout, you can check the conditions through our email.

Yes, we can do projects for companies, shopping centers, advertising and events. All the circuits made by RSS Raceways are customized to the client’s liking, so we will offer you a customized solution, always with a touch of originality and realism. If you need information about the different possibilities, do not hesitate to contact us.

Most of our work has been done and is done with the analog system. In the case of preferring a digital system for your customized circuit, you can consult us through the different available methods.

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